The Ergoline Passion 300-S is available in a Super Power or Twin Power version. With 34 UV lamps and 3 Ultra Performance Plus facial tanners including two additional UV-B spaghetti lamps, this compact model has set new standards in its class.

The Optimized Performance concept developed by Ergoline offers substantial improvements in tanning results, in compliance with the EU Standard and without increased sunburn risk. Standard fittings such as Comfort Cooling and Bodyform Plus base ensure that a session on the Passion 300-S is an all-round relaxing experience.

  • Brilliant White
  • Mood Light
  • 34 x 140W*  / 3 x 400W +  2 x 8W
  • Twin Power / Super Power
  • Ultra Performance Plus
  • 0,3 Optimized Performance

* Maximum output

  • Body Form Plus-Liegefläche
  • Comfort Cooling
  • Optional: Stereo Sound / Stereo Sound +
  • Time Control-Timer