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Project Description


The Ergoline Essence 440 is attractive thanks to its efficient Smart Power technology combined with a spacious tanning area and great value for money. Highly efficient ballasts result in a reduced energy requirement. All this with an impressive 200 Watt tanning performance.

The patented Vibra Shape vibration plate turns the tanning session into fitness training at the same time. The vibration is gentle on the joints, promotes weight loss, firms up connective tissue and prevents cellulite. The improvement in circulation also intensifies the tanning results. For a perfect tan in just 15 minutes, without the typical white areas on the shoulders and buttocks. The free advertising package will ensure that your customers also find out about it.

  • Scarlet Red / Photo Art
  • Standby Lighting
  • 44 x 200W
  • Smart Power
  • 2 Meter Lamps
Comfort / Fitness


  • Vibra Shape Vibrationtraining


  • Top Cooling
  • Single Sound
  • Optional: Aroma
  • Optional: Sound Module with MP3-Connection
  • Time Control-Timer
  • Energy-Safing Smart Power-Technology